Renew or activate signature

Electronic signature activation

How to activate NEW
Certum's electronic signature?

Activate a Signature

Electronic signature renewal

Renewal of Certum's e-signature
step by step

Renew a Signature

How to perform the process using a smartphone/tablet?

After entering the identity verification page, the subscriber will be asked to complete two steps, which usually take about 1 minute. During the process, subscriber will be supported by the instructions.

  1. The first step 
    Taking a photos of both sides of the subscriber’s ID document. The photos must be taken live in the process, from the identity verification interface. During the scanning and analysis process, the required data will be extracted from the document.
  2. Second step 
    The subscriber will be asked to position his/her face in the camera view and do slight move with his/her head.
    Completing this step will confirm that the subscriber is present during the identity verification process.

After completing the above steps, Certum will verify the report of the subscriber’s identity compared with the identity document and, if verified correctly, will accept this step of issuing a certificate.

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