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Certum, being a member of the Certificate Authorities Browser Forum, is discontinuing the practice of certifying Internal Server Names and Reserved IP Addresses. Following a decision by the Certificate Authorities Browser Forum, Certum does not issue certificates whose Subject Alternative Name (SAN) extension or Subject Common Name field contains such names.

The Internal Server Name is any name whose address is not recognized by the public Domain Name System DNS (e.g. server.local „,””, etc.) . The Reserved IP Address is any address defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) as reserved.

In order to increase security on the Internet, members of the Certificate Authorities Browser Forum (CA / Browser Forum) specified guidelines regulating the manner of issuing and implementing SSL certificates. As a result, a document was produced in which, among other provisions, the Forum requires certification authorities to cease certification of public key certificates that use Internal Server Names or Reserved IP Addressess.

Pursuant to the decision made by the Certificate Authorities Browser Forum, we hereby state that as of July 1, 2012, we do not accept certificate requests and applications for certificate renewal which Internal Server Names and Reserved IP Addresses.

To read the regulations of the Certificate Authorities Browser Forum, please go here.
To learn which IPv4 addresses are registered, go here.

Please note:

Certum does not sell its products or services to the following countries: Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba.

Please note:

According to Global standards Certum does not issue SSL certificates for domains on the TLD list (Top-Level Domain)

Please note:

From 1 August 2019 it will not be possible to verify access to the IP address on the basis of a certificate issued by the IP address provider confirming that the Subscriber is its owner and sole user.

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