Renew or activate signature

Electronic signature activation

How to activate NEW
Certum's electronic signature?

Activate a Signature

Electronic signature renewal

Renewal of Certum's e-signature
step by step

Renew a Signature

How to purchase Certum E-signature?

The purchase of an Electronic signature consists of the following parts:

  • Select the E-signature kit (card or mobile) suitable for your needs in the shop and add it to your shopping cart. There is a choice of kits with the possibility of issuing a certificate for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.
  • After selecting the service(s), check the contents of the shopping cart and then confirm the order by clicking the  Proceed to Checkout button
  • If you have not logged into your store account before, choose one of the options:
    1. I am a registered customer with an account in the shop –  Log into your account
    2. I don’t have an account in the shop –  Create a new account in the store
  • Fill in the address information and make sure the data is entered correctly. The data needed for the certificate will be provided at the stage of activation of the certificate.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method:
    1. Quick transfer
    2. Standard transfer
  • After the payment is credited to the account for the selected E-signature kit, an electronic or traditional invoice will be sent to the address provided during the purchase process.
  • Depending on the selected kit, the next steps will be:
    1. Activation of the certificate and verification of identity
    2. Certificate downloading

How to pay for a qualified certificate?

  • Quick transfer via eCard payment – card payment, electronic money transfer, PayPal, Blik, Google Pay) – by choosing the so-called on-line payment you can pay by credit card, via electronic money transfer or traditional bank transfer. Payment by card or by electronic transfer will result in “almost” immediate reception of your payment and you will be able to start the execution of the order right away.
  • Traditional bank transfer – by choosing this option you can make a payment via Internet, in the bank or the post office. After placing the order, bank transfer details will be sent to your e-mail address. They will be available also on your account in the My orders tab. Please keep in mind that execution of the order starts as soon as we receive your payment.

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