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Electronic signature activation

How to activate NEW
Certum's electronic signature?

Activate a Signature

Electronic signature renewal

Renewal of Certum's e-signature
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Renew a Signature

The correct issuance of the certificate results in receiving three emails:

  1. A welcome email “Welcome to Certum” informing about successful creation of account in SimplySign. NOTE: the account is created automatically
  2. Email entitled “Regaining access to the SimplySign service” with an activation link
  3. Email entitled “Secret for regaining access to the SimplySign service” which contains the activation code (secret) necessary to complete the activation process

SimplySign service activation

In the first step, open the Regaining access to the SimplySign service email and then click on the link in it. When you open the link, a page will be displayed from where you need to enter the activation code. You will find the activation code in the Secret for regaining access to the SimplySign Service email.

After entering the code, a QR code will be displayed, which must be read with the previously installed SimplySign mobile application.
To read the QR code, follow these steps:

  • Run the previously installed SimplySign mobile application
  • Click on the QR CODE button
  • Allow access to the camera and read the QR CODE value from the browser screen

Once you have completed these steps, the application is ready to work. The last element of certificate activation is its import.

Import of the certificate

To import the certificate you need to open the SimplySign application on your computer.

  1. To log in, generate an OTP code (token) on SimplySign Desktop, then type it in the Password field. Proceed in this way each time to start the application.
  2. To perform the Import, right-click the SimplySign icon in the right-hand corner of the taskbar and then select: Managing certificates -> List of certificates. After this command is completed, a window with a list of available certificates will open.
  3. Right-click the certificate you wish to export and choose Show Certificate. The details of the certificate will be displayed and the Install Certificate command will be available. Select this command and follow the instructions of the Import Wizard.

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