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Receiving a Document Signing certificate requires:

• verification of an e-mail address
• verification of Subscriber’s identity
• organization verification, if a company certificate is requested


Verification of Subscriber’s identity

To issue a certificate, the identity of the Applicant must be verified by a method equivalent to f2f contact. Certum uses automatic identity verification with the AriadNEXT system. The entire process is performed using a computer or other device with access to a camera, from a maintenance-free interface. During scanning, the document data is automatically extracted and analyzed as well as compared to the Owner’s face.
The process is based on comparison of a facial image with a photo extracted from an identity document. Thanks to the biometric solution, it allows to guarantee that the User is present during the identity confirmation.
The entire process is live, in real time, and does not require sending documents, they are only scanned during the process to extract the data needed for verification and then deleted. The entire process takes about 60 seconds.


Organization verification

To issue a certificate with business data, Certum has to verify the company’s existence and the relationship between the client and the company. Certum verifies the information about the organization in publicly available registers, e.g., DUNS, etc. If your organization is not listed in the register, we will ask you to provide a valid company registration document.
If you are not a proxy or you are not listed in the company’s register. In that case, you will additionally be asked to provide a power of attorney to apply for a certificate issued for your company’s data.

Validity of the documents being the basis for verification of certification applications:

  • For new certification applications and for renewed certificates, documents and information from public registers may not be older than 398 days.
  • Authorization documents, whether they are timely or not – remain valid for 398 days from the date of issue
  • Identity documents must be up-to-date (valid) on the day the certificate is issued.
  • Identity documents delivered to Certum by e-mail should be sent in a password-protected file, please contact the Certum technical support helpline in order to determine how to transfer the password
  • Please note: Certum products and services are prohibited for export or re-export to Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba.

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