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How to renew an SSL certificate?

Renewal allows you to prolong the domain protection with a new certificate, issued for the same data as the previous one.


The process of purchasing a Certum SSL certificate renewal consists of the following steps: 

  1.  Select the product you want to renew in the store and then choose the Renewal option.
  2.  Add the product to your cart, then confirm and pay for your order.


Activation of the certificate renewal 

You will be able to start the activation process of your certificate from My account in the Data security products tab. The process consists of several steps:


Providing the data to be verified and verification 

  • Check your purchased certificate at My account/Data Security products and start the first step
  • Choose the certificate you want to renew
  • For certificates with organization data, provide the Subscriber and organization details. Verify the identity of the Subscriber and the Subscriber’s power of attorney to represent the organization. The existence of an organization is usually verified by Certum itself based on the provided registration number
  • Provide CSR – certificate signing request, generated by a generator, e.g. Certum Tools or by the server where the SSL certificate will be installed
  • Provide the domains to include in the certificate and select a method to verify the control over them. Check supported verification methods
  • Verify that you have the control over your domains.



  • Choose the fields included in the certificate and activate it
  • Download your certificate from the certificate view or from the e-mail about certificate creation.


Note: If you renew the certificate within 13 months from the moment of activation of the certificate which is being renewed, data verification may base of previously provided documents.

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