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Electronic signature activation

How to activate NEW
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Electronic signature renewal

Renewal of Certum's e-signature
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Renew a Signature

How to identify an Certum S/MIME with a correct electronic signature?

The Certum S/MIME certificates confirms the authenticity of your identity online.
You can send E-mails without worrying that they have been tampered with in any way. Conducting private electronic correspondence has never been so secure.

Example 1

Trusted E-mail signed using the Certum S/MIME (View of a signed E-mail in the Outlook E-mail program):

This icon informs the addressee that the message has been digitally signed with a Certum S/MIME and therefore comes from a trusted source and allows to verify the identity of the sender


Click on the cotillion icon () to display the certificate details. Here you can verify the source of the message (sender) and check whether the message has been modified by a third party. When a correct certificate is displayed, it is a guarantee of secure and confidential E-mail correspondence.

Example 2

A message saying that the Certum S/MIME certificate has been properly verified indicates that the sender has properly signed the E-mail message.

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