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1. What is group activation using Enterprise ID?

Group activation is a process that allows you to order and issue any number of ID Individual or ID Business certificates within a single organization and e-mail domain. Certificates are ordered from the intuitive Enterprise ID application based on a .csv file with employee data without the need to generate CSR files. Once the data for the certificates has been verified and access to e-mail addresses has been verified, they are available for download as a .pfx file, ready for installation by the end user.

2. How do I use the Enterprise ID application?

Download the manual in PDF format

3.Why use group activation of S/MIME certificates with Enterprise ID?

S/mime is an excellent tool for securing company correspondence. To meet the needs of companies wishing to implement certificates across the entire organization, Certum provides a dedicated application that allows the administrator to order and issue certificates for all employees in the company with just a few clicks. Once the simplified verification process (verifying data and e-mail address access) is complete, certificates will be created automatically, allowing for easy distribution to end users.
Save time and use our new group certificate activation application!
Order certificates using our intuitive group certificate ordering application. The simple program will allow you and your customers to:

  • Quickly order any number of certificates for employees,
  • Simplified data verification
  • Certificates ready to install as soon as they are issued,
  • Save money and time!

4. How do I prepare for the group activation process using Enterprise ID?

Group activation of certificates requires signing an appropriate agreement based on which the number of ordered certificates and the manner of verifying the identity of employees for whom a certificate will be issued will be determined.

Ordering ID Individual

For ID Individual, provide a list of certified e-mail addresses. During the certification process, you will be required to confirm your employee’s access to the e-mail address.

Ordering ID Business

The following documents are required for ID Business: a) Proof of identity of the Person Requesting (Applicant) for certificates on behalf of the organization. The method of identity verification will be specified in the agreement. b) Power of attorney, authorization or certificate of employment of the Person Requesting the certificates, signed by a person authorized to represent the organization. c) Power of attorney from the Applicant for the right to represent the company and verify the identity of employees for whom certificates will be issued. d) A list of employees with e-mail addresses that will be subject to certification.

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