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How to renew Email ID (S/MIME) certificate?

The renewal allows to extend the validity of the certificate while maintaining the data contained therein.


The process of purchasing an E-mail ID (S/MIME) certificate renewal consists of the following steps:

  1. Select the product you want to renew in the store and then choose the Renewal option.
  2. Add the service to your cart, then confirm and pay for your order

You will be able to initiate the renewal process from your account, under the Certificate Activation tab.

  1. Select the certificate you want to renew from the list and click: Activate
  2. Select the key delivery method for the certificate:
    • Generating a key pair — creating a key pair using Certum CryptoAgent application via a browser
    • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) — sending the generated CSR
  3. Select the certificate file you want to renew
  4. Verify access to the E-mail address by clicking on the verification link, which is sent during certificate activation to the E-mail address specified in the online form by the customer.
  5. If you activate an E-mail ID Business certificate, send Certum the relevant documents proving your identity or choose a method of auto-identification.


Note: If you are renewing your certificate within 13 months of its activation, your information may be verified based on the previously submitted documents.

Note: Renew E-mail ID (S/MIME) will be possible only till 28 August. From 28 August there will be new products Certum S/MIME.

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